'God Of War 4' Post-E3 Update: What We Know So Far

Oh, yes -- "God of War 4" is truly coming! During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event, Sony had a big reveal. The studio, after tons of speculations and whatnots, has finally confirmed the existence of the said game. So what does the fourth installment has to offer? Well, it is quite interesting to investigate.

First and foremost, "God of War 4" is believed to be a reboot, not entirely a new installment in the series. That it will go back to its roots, featuring the life of Kratos as a mortal. Well, him having a son (as far as the trailer is concerned) is already a proof.

According to TrustedReviews, "God of War 4" will once again feature Kratos as the game's main protagonist. It is surely contrary to early rumors about Thor taking the spotlight. Anyway, the iconic character will be accompanied by his son, who will also play a significant role in the game.

In the "God of War 4" trailer, fans find a long-bearded Kratos fighting a hoard of vicious monsters. Without a doubt, it has totally shift its focus on the ever-popular Greek mythology storyline. Instead, confirming the speculations, the forthcoming game will cover the Norse mythology. Hence it is likely for the God of Thunder Thor and his father Odin to be part of the title.

As for the "God of War 4" release date, Sony has yet to announce. While there is still no potential release window, the game is confirmed to be in development for PlayStation 4. After all, the console is owned by the tech giant.

One notable change the devs did to Kratos, as reported Telegraph, is his weapons of choice. In the "God of War 4" first trailer, the character is wielding an axe, far from his favorite Blades of Chaos. Prior to slicing and dicing his way through the eerie creatures, Kratos is teaching his son how to hunt.

There is no doubt that "God of War 4" will put the father-son relationship in the centerstage. But of course, fans should expect a fierce Kratos on a killing spree.

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