PS 4 Neo vs Xbox Scorpio: Which Next Gen Console Will Come Out On Top? [POLL]

Microsoft gained a bit of an advantage when it included hints tied up to its Xbox Scorpio at the Sony conference at E3 Monday. The company’s focus was more on the Xbox One S along with some games to go. Did Sony mind?

Sony Finds Microsoft Revelation Beneficial To The PS4 Neo

As far as PlayStation President, Sean Layden, is concerned, all is well and good as far as Microsoft’s move to break the ice on their Xbox Scorpio.

Microsoft alleges that the Xbox Scorpio is the most powerful console in the market, partly true until Sony comes out with the anticipated PS4 Neo. This is largely in part because the two consoles share practically the same principles as mentioned by Hunter Miche of SegmentNext.

With the cat out of the bag, Layden doesn’t seem to mind that Microsoft jumped the gun on Sony. In fact, it could be something to their advantage as they try to work on the PS4 Neo all the more, particularly the kinks that the console could have.

Xbox Scorpio's Secret Weapon 

With not much to work on, Layden and company may want to take note of the features offered by the Xbox One S.

With no specifics on the Xbox Scorpio, a wise conclusion would be some of the features it carries. Among them include the new controller and the support it offers to 4K gaming in HDR as mentioned by the Mercury News.

Of the two, focus is on the 4K gaming angle, one that could very well set the stage for virtual reality gaming. The same is expected to be Sony’s pitch for the PS4 Neo.

Who Has The Advantage?

The only thing certain right now is that both the Xbox One Scorpio and PS4 Neo will be successors to their respective game console families. Both will prey on the 4K resolution niche and likely offer virtual reality gaming.

Both are technically even in terms of things to expect for now. Microsoft may have jumped the gun with its announcement but Sony can unveil the PS4 Neo at anytime that they please.

So who will come out on top? Right now it is hard to tell. Sometimes being first has its ups and downs and from the looks of it, Sony may be using that advantage wisely by keeping things hush-hush as they work on their mystery game console.

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