'Fallout 4' New DLC 'Contraptions' Rolls Out, Allows Building Out Of This World Machines

Finally, the much awaited "Fallout 4" DLC "Contraptions" has arrived. And sure enough, it is making huge waves in the game right now. After all, it has brought some cool stuff to how settlements are being done. Now, with this latest content, fans can come up with out of this world machines.

According to GamesRadar, Bethesda has just rolled out the new "Fallout 4" DLC pack to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The newly-arrived paid downloadable content named "Contraptions" is basically part of the game's Season Pass. It can be purchased for a price of $4.99.

Unlike the previous "Fallout 4" Workshop DLCs, "Contraptions" stands out. First and foremost, it gives players the liberty to choose from expanded building options. So with this, they can enjoy creating new (and even improving) versions of the vast devices and/or machine that the game has.

VG247 cites that the new "Fallout 4" DLC gives players the option to acquire conveyor belts, track kits and logic gates, among others. With this stuff, they can easily assemble interesting machines, say, the Rube Goldberg. Simply put, they have the freedom to come up with anything their minds can think of.

Moreover, the "Contraptions" DLC also gives "Fallout 4" players access to other features like the greenhouse and warehouse kits, armor racks and elevators. And as long as they combine them using the creation tools, their settlements can look very dazzling in one way or another.

"Contraptions" is just one of the few DLCs that Bethesda is planning to release. Currently, the studio still has three "Fallout 4" downloadable contents on schedule. Most of them, as speculated, are heavily designed to improve player-constructed items. Obviously, this is what the latest pack offers.

As for the "Fallout 4" Vault-Tec Workshop, it is slated for a July release and is priced the same for $4.99. Nuka-World, on the other hand, is worth $19.99.

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