'Overwatch' Competitive Play Is Finally Out, Features And Gameplay Explained!

As previously announced, Blizzard is set to release a new kind of "Overwatch" Competitive Play. And finally, it has arrived, but only on PC. The said mode is expected to be introduced on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next week. Here is everything to know about it.

According to GameSpot, the highly anticipated "Overwatch" Competitive Play has set its feet on the PC platform. As for the consoles, it is said to arrive next week, only with no exact date. The studio, nonetheless, iterated that it is undergoing some sort of approvals specifically for the said platforms.

The "Overwatch" developer admitted that such a move is not entirely ideal, most especially for new content. However, Blizzard plans to "refine" the entire patching process in hopes to sync release dates all throughout platforms in the future.

It has been revealed in the past that the aforementioned "Overwatch" mode will be different from the one in the closed beta version. That the first season, contrary to what fans expected, will be shorter. It will only cover two months, as opposed to the originally three.

Polygon reports that the new "Overwatch' Competitive Play started on June 1, with August 18 being the end-date. The change happened due to the mode's late start date. Basically, the "inaugural season" will run for about 1.5 months, rather than the supposed 2.5 months.

The new "Overwatch" Competitive Play will have new features. It will introduce newly-implemented penalties, particularly for abandoning games, weapon skins and placement matches, among others.

As soon as the first season of new "Overwatch" mode ends, the Fall 2016 season will begin. It has already been scheduled, though, following the company's "standard two-week off-season break."

Blizzard explained that the primary reason behind the process is for "Overwatch" players to start working with their Competitive Play rewards as soon as possible. Moreover, the said move will give them enough window to learn about what elements work well for the game.

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