'Overwatch' Competitive Play Is Out: What We Know So Far

Blizzard has finally released the new "Overwatch" Competitive Play. For now, it is made available throughout the PC platform. The consoles will receive it sooner or later. And indeed, the new mode is pretty much interesting and exciting, cementing all the hype and anticipation. Here is everything to know from the get-go.

First and foremost, "Overwatch" Competitive Play is only possible for experienced players. So for players at level 25 or above, they can completely enjoy the new feature.

According to Polygon, the said "Overwatch" mode introduces a new kind of Seasonal Play. It should be noted that it is expected to deliver a total of four seasons annually. And of course, the current Summer 2016 season is the very first. Contrary to the supposed 2.5-month run, this season will only last around 1.5, August 18 being the due date. The decreased run time was due to the update being launched late.

As for the skill rating, "Overwatch" players need to have one. So they can compete during the aforementioned season. The rating, as expected, runs between 1 and 100. Moreover, it will be determined via a player's performance all throughout sever placement matches.

While the new "Overwatch" Competitive Play is an interesting ground for battles, it is also synonymous to rewards. Even the array of rewards are said to be given out prior to the start of the official season. Once players finish at least 10 placement matches, they will acquire a special spray as well as a different player icon as each season passes. Furthermore, exciting rewards in the form of golden weapons are believed to be introduced and made available.

Kotaku, on the other hand, notes that "Overwatch" Competitive Play offers a format of best-of-two. On assault, escort and hybrid maps, players will be spending one game defending while the other attacking. If the team manages to reach the overall objectives, they are declared as the winner.

In the event of a draw, the sudden death phase will be enabled. Interestingly, the attack and defense order will be decided by the traditional toss-a-coin scheme. The attack "Overwatch" team will be given at least two minutes to capture a single point. If they are able to do it, then they win. If not, the defensive team shall be deemed victorious.

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