'Overwatch' Competitive Play Finally Arrives On Xbox One; Blizzard Looking To Tweak Zenyatta In The Future?

The new "Overwatch" Competitive Play has already been introduced to PC, being the first platform to receive it. And now, the mod has finally arrived to Xbox One, with PlayStation 4 being left behind. Meanwhile, developer Blizzard is looking to make some changes to the popular hero Zenyatta.

According to Inquisitr, the latest "Overwatch" Competitive Play was launched on Microsoft's system Thursday afternoon via a new patch. Although the aforesaid mode headlined the released, it also brought some tweaks to both McCree and Widowmaker, gamepad controls and fixes for in-game bugs.

The launching of the new "Overwatch" Competitive Play opened the doors to some interesting things. Contrary to the supposed 2.5 months, the first season will only cover 1.5 months. More so, the studio will end it as soon as August 18 arrives. It will be played across all platforms, so for PlayStation 4 owners, there is no need to worry -- the mode will soon arrive.

Blizzard iterated the reason behind the shortened "Overwatch" Competitive Play Season. First is the fact that it was launched late, thus the company has to adjust some changes pertaining to the timetable. Second, they aim to allow players to work on their Competitive Play rewards as soon as possible.

Moreover, the strategy to run "Overwatch" Competitive Play on a short period of time will allow them to review all the pros and cons. From knowing what elements should be added to what does not work well -- all of which will be readily covered.

VG247, on the other hand, reports about Blizzard's plan to bring some changes to Zenyatta. The "Overwatch" character is among the support heroes in the game. This time around, the community is trying to figure things out if a buff is significantly needed.

Almost all "Overwatch" players will agree that Zenyatta is not an easy pick. Considered as an aggressive support, he is still a very situational hero. Although Blizzard has not entirely given the thought of it, they are likely to revisit the idea in the near future.

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