'Overwatch' Competitive Play Has Some Serious Issues; Blizzard Sues Cheater Due To Copyright Infringement?

The new mode for "Overwatch" called Competitive Play rolled out recently courtesy of Blizzard. Unfortunately, it seems to be working incorrectly, particularly when it concerns penalties. The studio, nonetheless, reiterated that they are going to fix the issue. Meanwhile, a cheat maker has been sued by the company due to copyright infringement.

According to GameSpot, "Overwatch's" new Competitive Play has been handling penalties the wrong way. Whenever a player disconnects from the game and successfully reconnects, no penalty charge is imposed. However, it appears that a number of players have actually been receiving penalties since then.

"Overwatch" penalties are synonymous to a great loss in terms of Skill Ratings, despite winning a match. As such that kind of situation must be highly avoided. Sadly, this has been the number one issue within the game's Competitive Play.

Blizzard expressed their intentions to fix the problem, with utmost importance. The studio company added that these fixes will arrive to "Overwatch" Competitive Play in the next few days or so. Director Jeff Kaplan, nonetheless, did not dive deep into the issue. Instead, he opted to elaborate the new heroes and maps coming to the title.

In related news, the "Overwatch" developer is on a legal pursuit against a cheat maker due to copyright infringement, as reported by TorrentFreak. The company called Bossland is said to be the mastermind behind the popular cheating tool called "Watchover Tyrant," as well as other game cheats.

Blizzard is reportedly suing the Germany-based company for various sorts of copyright infringement. The lawsuit even includes allegations of unfair competition. The cheat call "Watchover Tyrant" basically allows "Overwatch" players to play the game with a significant advantage.

Obviously, this does not sit well to Blizzard. Hence the lawsuit being filed. The "Overwatcht" developer is going after the aforementioned company in hopes to cease its operation.

The said "Overwatch" cheat has already made name across the game, with thousands of players utilizing it since then. Moreover, the cheat allows them to have a look-see at an opponent's current health status.

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