'No Man's Sky' VR Release Still Remains Unknown; Bitcoin Can Now Be Used To Pre-Order Game

There is no stopping Hello Games from releasing "No Man's Sky" this year. After all, the title has finally gone gold. Although it is slated to arrive across platforms, its VR release still remains to be unknown. Meanwhile, for fans utilizing Bitcoin, they can now use it as payments in pre-ordering the title.

After a great amount of time, "No Man's Sky" is now fully ready for an official launch. The game has just been recently confirmed to have reached a "Gold" status. This means that its full version has already been developed, without any outstanding shenanigans to hinder it.

"No Man's Sky" is scheduled for an August 9 release on U.S., while European fans will acquire it the following day, on August 10. The UK, on the other hand, will be treated come August 12. While the game is confirmed to be introduced across gaming platforms, its VR support release date is still kept under wraps.

According to Movie News Guide, "No Man's Sky" fans will still have to wait for the game's VR feature a little bit. Sure, Hello Games has announced its upcoming arrival; however, anything related to it - most especially the release date - is still a mystery

In related news, "No Man's Sky" is also scheduled for a pre-order scheme any time soon. And of course, in order to do so, fans must have their own payment window to do such process. However, if they are using Bitcoins, they can now actually utilize it to pre-order the aforementioned title.

As reported by The Merkle, Steam has already integrated a platform wherein a Bitcoin option can be done. It can be used for pre-ordering "No Man's Sky" as soon as it is greenlighted.

The team behind the game has reportedly decided to accept Bitcoin payments, though it is only made available for the "No Man's Sky" PC version. Players simply have to hit the "More" button, which is next to the Payment options. From there, the option to pay via the said feature is available.

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