New 'Overwatch' Hero To Be Revealed This Month? Possible Features, Weaponry Explained

"Overwatch" is gradually turning to be among the best games Blizzard has ever unleashed. With the number of player pool increasing from time to time, it only shows just how popular the title is. Now, the studio aims to keep the momentum at greater heights by revealing a new hero. In fact, it is slated to happen this month.

"Overwatch" was first launched back in May of this year. Currently, Blizzard has already sold a whopping 7 million copies, statistics revealed during the company's press release on June 2. Sure enough, this is something that inspired the studio to do even more.

According to TECHAERIS, the company is bound to release a new "Overwatch" hero. As a matter of fact, a picture has been shared via its official Twitter page. The image shows what appears to be a blueprint of a new weaponry, with input directly taken from builder Torbjorn Lindholm and healer Angela Ziegler, also known as Mercy.

The said "Overwatch" rifle is believed to be equipped by medics in any sorts of fields. It will feature the so-called Biotic Field Technology, which will serve as a technology for healing efficiency. It should be noted, too, that the blueprints were reportedly addressed to both J. Morrison and G. Reyes, otherwise known as Soldier 76 and Reaper, respectively.

The upcoming "Overwatch" hero, as reported by IGN, will be taking the center stage at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 21. This is when Blizzard's very own developers - namely James Waugh (director of story and creative development, Arnold Tsang (assistant art director) and Michael Chu (senior designer) - will feature some behind-the-scenes footages of the character's creative process. More so, a Q&A session is scheduled to take place and will be handled by the senior manager of the company's eSports department Kim Phan.

Although these are all but talks, with no further confirmation from the studio itself, many believe that it will certainly happen. After all, the official description of the "Overwatch" panel listing could imply a focus on the last character that was revealed before the launch instead. Nonetheless, this is something that should make fans anticipate for the upcoming event.

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