Blizzard Tweaks 'Overwatch' Competitive Play To Prevent AFKs &Trolls; Next Hero Expected In Upcoming DLC?

In any online video games, AFKs (Away From Keyboard) and trolls are prominent. Sure enough, "Overwatch" is no stranger to that. To remedy the situation, Blizzard opts to tweak the game's Competitive Play. Meanwhile, the studio is expected to reveal a new hero that will be introduced along with the title's first DLC.

As of this writing, the new "Overwatch" Competitive Play does not efficiently punish players for leaving during mid-game. As a result, they go AFK without even the fear of getting penalized. Fortunately, the studio has noticed it, thus constantly updates the community about their initial plans.

According to iDigitalTimes, Blizzard plans to bring some tweaks and/or improvements to the said "Overwatch" mode. Of course, it will still take an indefinite amount of time as to when it will be unleashed.

Basically, the system of "Overwatch" is able to determine which team has a higher chance of either winning or losing. If it is going to be the winning side, players will gain a much better experience. If they are losing, it will be the other way around.

However, when someone goes AFK, the system tends to re-evaluate the team that has a higher winning chance. How? By simply distinguishing the team with less AFKs. Without a doubt, this does not make sense or even sit well to most fans.

"Overwatch" game director Jeff Kaplan reportedly mentioned about their aims to tackle the issue. He iterated that they will soon cease the recalculation of a team's winning probability whenever player leaves. In sense, AFK players will no longer have impact as to how much a group will earn experience.

In related news, MobiPicker reports that Sombra is likely to be the next "Overwatch" character to be featured in the game's first DLC. In fact, the studio event went to tease fans by posting an image featuring the supposed hero's weapon. The photo was revealed via the game's official Twitter account.

Moreover, the Brazilian account of the game even went further by stating a new name, that is,  A. Amari. While this could mean a different "Overwatch" hero, it is actually believed to be Sombra's codename.

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