'No Man's Sky' First PS4 Update Is Already Set, Hello Games To Add A Huge Galaxy

"No Man's Sky" is finally happening, with the game being able to reach "Gold" status. Despite the game being yet to be released, Hello Games has already set its first PS4 update. Along with it, a huge galaxy is expected to be unravelled. Things are clearly looking for the game so far.

According to Express, the studio has just recently revealed the file size of the first "No Man's Sky" PS4 update. Although the game will feature a rough estimate of 18 quintillion planets, it will only cover a total of 6 GB storage space on a disc.

Hello Games' very own founder Sean Murray took to social media to tease fans about the said "No Man's Sky" update. That, at the time, they are already "busy on Update 1," while waiting for the entire build to be uploaded.

Murray also explained what the RC1 stands for the "No Man's Sky" disc. Basically, it refers to the term Release Candidate 1. More so, he iterated that the title has already passed all necessary certifications it needed for US, EU and Asia. They are currently working on the Japanese version, though.

Digital Trends, on the other hand, notes that "No Man's Sky's" first PS4 update will feature a huge galaxy. Well, it is really not that surprising, given all the hype surrounding the release ever since.

It should also be noted that the file size of "No Man's Sky" is mostly audio. So, in a sense, it is really interesting as to how the devs managed to put a massive realm to a rather small file. Nonetheless, this has been actually a trend for quite some time now.

One best example is "Titanfall," which was released sometime in 2013. The PC version of the title was released with a total of 35 GB worth of uncompressed audio. The good thing, however, is that it allows a game's hardware performance to work even better.

With "No Man's Sky" going gold, fans can expect its whole arrival on August 10 for PS4 and PC (UK and Europe). North America will acquire it the day before, on August 9.

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