'Overwatch' Update: Blizzard Limits Competitive Play To One-Hero System; Ana The Support Sniper Is The New Character To Arrive

The new "Overwatch" Competitive Play has been out for a couple of days already. As expected from Blizzard, it is getting some various improvements. Now, the studio wants to introduce a brand new system, namely the one-hero limit. Meanwhile, another hero will be added to the line-up. This time around, it is a support sniper named Ana.

Currently, the "Overwatch" Competitive Play allows teams to utilize a quantity of two or more single type of hero in the game. For example, a group is free to use two Torbjorns on a single sitting. However, Blizzard is reportedly changing the rules hoping to make the competition a little bit different.

According to GameSpot, the "Overwatch" mode will receive the so-called one-hero limit anytime soon. From here, as the name suggests, teams can only utilize one single type of hero in every match. If a member is already using, say Bastion, the rest of the players are not allowed to pick the same character.

As of this writing, this new "Overwatch" one-hero limit system is made available on the Public Test Realm, also known as PTR. Nonetheless, it is expected to be introduced to the game very soon. It should be noted, however, that in Quick Play, players will have no issue equipping their team with the same heroes from time to time.

Simply put, the upcoming one-hero change will only have a direct impact to the "Overwatch" Competitive Play. There are no changes to the rest of the game.

In related news, "Overwatch" fans will surely be happy to know that a new hero is coming to the game. The first ever post-launch character slated to be introduced to the title is named Ana, as reported by Polygon.

The forthcoming "Overwatch" hero is a support sniper. She shall utilize her sniper weapons to heal comrades during battles. According to the studio, Ana is considered a "battle-scarred veteran," with an interesting story to tell. Even from a distance, she can support her allies very well thanks to her "unique and highly specialized" set of weapons.

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