'Overwatch' New Hero Ana Is A Hardcore, Hot Mama: Here Is What Fans Are Saying

Just recently, Blizzard revealed the new "Overwatch" hero coming to game. Her name is Ana, a support Sniper who has the ability to both heal allies and be a deadly opponent. But apart from the seemingly badass image she has, this character is more than what the naked eyes could see.

According to Kotaku, Ana is deemed as the mother of Pharah and is one of the fiercest "Overwatch" leaders. In the game's lore, she is shot by Widowmaker in the head. As what one would expect, the new character should have been completely dead, as in six feet down under.

Fortunately, Ana respawned, with only an eye left to watch the whole "Overwatch" world descend to chaos. But hey, despite that, she is quite good at sniping. Hence she is considered as one of the deadliest women in the game.

Simply put, this new "Overwatch" character has a strong sense of responsibility. That she feels like she is responsible for every soul around her. Well, after all, she is a mother, thus Blizzard gave her healing abilities.

Surprisingly, Ana was well received by the "Overwatch" community as a whole. Fans post memes after memes, showcasing their appreciation towards the new hero. In other words, the internet loves the newly arrived sniper mom.

Below are what fans saying about Ana, the "Overwatch" support sniper.

As for Ana's overall ability, she is definitely no moonlight and roses. Her weapon of choice along can prove her deadly. As reported by The Daily Dot, her weapon's dual nature makes her the most versatile hero in the game. The nanotechnology she uses allows her to heal allies and heal enemies at will and this by using only one single rifle.

It should be noted, however, that not all shots, when fired, are equal. If an "Overwatch" player tends to unscope, it efficiently fires a projectile in near-perfect accuracy. But since it is a projectile, the player must be able to lead targets at a good range.

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