'Pokemon GO' Guide: How To Win Gym Battles; Game Finally Launches In Europe

Capturing species is just part of "Pokemon GO" as a whole. In this game, battling is just as important as acquiring Pokemon. After all, this is the main point of all the stuff people do with the game. Hence some little tips on how to surpass competition is key. Meanwhile, the smash-hit mobile game has finally arrived in Europe, as previously expected.

Basically, there are three things "Pokemon GO" players can do while in a fight. They can choose to tap so as to use their Pokemon's basic attack, or simply do a swipe (left or right) to dodge. When normal attacks are being utilized, the blue bar located below the health's tend to fill up. This when they can use it to hold down the screen and let out a special attack.

According to Forbes, the key to every "Pokemon GO" battle is to understand how each Pokemon works. From knowing their types all the way to distinguishing their special skills -- these are all but things that a player must learn to do. For example, Water is stronger compared to fire, but may end up weaker against electric-type species.

Simply put, in playing "Pokemon GO" battles, the idea is to have a general sense of things. After all, it is not a difficult game to play with, unlike other video games out there. But of course, players must also be comfortable with the mechanics, so as to guarantee wins.

In related news, "Pokemon GO" has finally arrived in Europe, as reported by Highsnobiety. Although it was already confirmed, the launching was reportedly delayed due to some unexpected issues in the server.

"Pokemon GO" fans located in Spain, Italy and Portugal now have the opportunity to join the hype. The game, as mentioned, is already made available to them.

As for other European countries, expect "Pokemon GO" to arrive anytime soon. Although the exact date remains a mystery, Niantic guarantees the arrival of the mobile app in the next few days or so.

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