New 'No Man's Sky' PS4 Trailer Showcases Possible Gameplay Features, 18 Quintillion Planets

Just recently, Hello Games revealed to the world that "No Man's Sky" has finally reached the Gold status. That, after all the wait, a final version of the game (free from all certifications and/or whatnots) has been acquired. And now, the studio is looking to keep the momentum high, following the release of a new trailer. Not only it offers a quick look-see at some of the game's possible features, but it also teases the so-called 18 Quintillion planets.

As expected from the studio, more "No Man's Sky" videos and/or trailers are going to be released. This is an effort to raise even more excitement, as part of the company's marketing strategy. The latest video comes straight from PlayStation, highlighting the game's exploration shenanigan.

According to Tom's Hardware, the new "No Man's Sky" video efficiently showcases the massive universe in the game that is a total of 18 quintillion planets. Of course, the contents of each of these planets will be different from one another. How? This is all possible due to the game's procedural-generation system.

The said "No Man's Sky" trailer only proves just how passionate Hello Games are with their work. And that, after all the doubts and death threats (Sean Murray), they manage to set expectations. Nonetheless, the investigation does not stop there.

Express, on the other hand, reports about the would-be features of "No Man's Sky" based on the newly released trailer. The publication stated a Reddit user by the name of "The_Honest_Gamer," who speculates that the running lines across the ship's radar is basically the trade routes. He also mentioned about bigger ships having some sort of expanded functions.

Furthermore, "No Man's Sky" is believed to feature hot and cold planets, while some could simply be poisonous. In case of the latter, it might require players to utilize a special suit or protective armor when exploring the planet.

Check out the new "No Man's Sky" trailer below!

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