'Pokemon Go' Servers Crash In Canada; Google Working On Augmented Reality Headset With VR For The Game?

"Pokemon GO" has changed the way games should be enjoyed these days. This is just a start to what augmented reality technology can do the future of this industry. No wonder Google is reportedly working on delivering a headset that offers such tech along with virtual reality. Meanwhile, Canadians are experiencing some issues, as the game's servers go down.

The success of "Pokemon Go" served as proof that augmented reality gaming experience is the new thing of today. From report after report, people all over the world are going crazy about it. Indeed, Niantic's title has become a total game-changer in the industry.

The hype revolving around "Pokemon Go" further proves that the general public is ready for augmented reality. Yes, the future is indeed ripe. In fact, a tech giant by the name of Google is looking to enter the scene. The search engine company is looking to deliver a headset that can offer not only the aforementioned experience but virtual reality as well. The latter, in one way or another, is obviously a direct competition towards the Oculus Rift.

According to The Verge, Google's upcoming headset will not require any utilization of a mobile phone or even a computer in order to function or run games like "Pokemon Go" so to speak. The headset is confirmed to have a screen, though its main feature will lean more towards augmented reality.

It remains a mystery as to how exactly this headset will look like. It is believed that its design and specs are developed to be at par, or even surpass, its competitors. Nonetheless, once it happens, it could bring a new way of experiencing games such as "Pokemon Go" as a whole.

In related news, "Pokemon Go" players in Canada are currently experiencing issues accessing the game, as reported by Forbes. This is really a sad thing, given that the mobile game has just recently been launched in the country.

"Pokemon Go" Canada servers reportedly went down over the weekend for a couple of hours. Fortunately, Niantic was quick to resolve the issue as soon as they identified the root cause of it.

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