'GTA 6' Will Arrive In 2020 Not 2018? Possible Features Explained

"GTA 6" is certainly on the list of the most highly anticipated games of all time. The hype is real and it is snowballing each day. Although many expect it to arrive in 2018, recent reports suggest otherwise -- Rockstar Games might likely to unleash it in 2020. Apart from, the title is said to feature more widespread illegal activities.

According to N4BB, "GTA 6" is more likely to be ready in 2020, as opposed to the closer 2018 release window. The game was originally believed to be unleashed together with two new consoles -- namely, Sony's PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Two. If this is the case, then the studio is keen towards releasing the game along with the aforesaid upcoming consoles.

It should be noted, too, that Take-Two Interactive has just announced Rockstar's plans to make its future projects known to the general public. And, as speculated by many, one of these is "GTA 6" in one way or another.

BreatheCast, on the other hand, cites about the possible "GTA 6" plot, which will revolve around more illegal activities. That the devs will introduce more crime-themed operations so as to bring new excitement and thrill. And this will surely elevate the gaming experience of fans.

"GTA 6" is believed to introduce more and larger territories. More so, killing missions and a couple of small-scale crime shenanigans are also expected to be included.

As for the "GTA 6" location, it remains a mystery as of this writing. Nonetheless, a number of reports are pointing at three major cities -- Tokyo, San Diego and London. The latter, however, is more likely to be the perfect choice. This is for the fact that the people involved in developing the game are mostly British.

If "GTA 6" indeed ends up being in London, a new kind of gamestyle is expected. And one of these is the utilization of right-hand drive cars.

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