'No Man's Sky' Faces Yet Another Legal Storm; Game's Combat Style Explained

Just when everything about "No Man's Sky" is ready to go, a new hurdle surfaced. Hello Games is reportedly facing a new legal storm following a potential controversy. It covers a Dutch's scientist patented Superformula, which the studio allegedly used. Meanwhile, here is an in-depth look at the game's combat style.

According to Kotaku, "No Man's Sky" developer Hello Games is once again in the controversy spotlight. The studio reportedly utilized a mathematical equation, which is called Superformula, owned and/or developed by a Dutch botanist named Johan Gielis.

The so-called formula was used in generating the geology of "No Man's Sky" as a whole. Thanks to it, the quintillions of planet -- which are all procedurally generated -- exist. While the company's founder Sean Murray was very outspoken about this Superformula in past interviews and whatnots, he did not mention anything about Gielis -- let alone that it was allegedly patented by the scientist.

Genicap, the research company of Gielis, fortunately, has no intentions of hindering the release of "No Man's Sky" in the future. Heck, they do not even intend to sue the studio. The catch, however, is that they are going public, letting the people know about the situation.

In a statement, Gielis' company referred "No Man's Sky" as "the beginning of a new generation of games." They also mentioned about how impressed they are with Hello Game's effort to utilize the formula. Nonetheless, they expect the game's developers to meet them halfway and discuss whatever is there to discuss.

In related news, Engadget cites about "No Man's Sky" being a game with "fantasy violence." That its combat will take players not only into the depths of outer space, but as well as the various procedurally generated planetary creatures.

"No Man's Sky" combat style features a remarkable mark of space adventure. That, in one way or another, it differs from its competition. The video is below!

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