Pokemon Go Nest: Spawning Grounds For Rare Pokemon In The US

Pokemon Go Nests are known breeding grounds for a number of Pokemon creatures including the rare ones. However, finding a nest is not easy since they are also equally rare.

Trainers should know that regular Pokemon spawning points are different from a nest. The former generates Pokemon creatures in a specific site using some math number generator. Such randomizer will yield a Pokemon based on certain qualities like roads, streets, bodies of water, historical significance and other relevant data.

A Pokemon nest, on the other hand, is a spawn point that can yield more than one Pokemon creature at a time. Often times, a nest can yield common Pokemon like the Pidgey or rare ones such as the Magmar. Several Pokemon of the same species appearing at the same time in a nest is a fiery flock.

Niantic has made the Pokemon Go more interesting by introducing the nests. Unfortunately, there are no certain rules covering the appearance of Pokemon nests. Spawn points tend to disappear and change locations. This includes nests.

A number of Pokemon trainers in the US and other parts of the world have banded together in finding and reporting these rare sites. The project is being spearheaded by the Silph Road. There are several groups that are embarking on this project.

The Silph Road project, however, is the largest one yet. As last counted, several thousand have joined the project and a lot more have indicated their willingness to be part of the ongoing quests. A nest is not exactly easy to find. Most of them tend to disappear before anybody is made aware of their existence.

Pokemon Go players can undertake the location of a nest on their own by using a "desktop map". However, trainers should be warned that this particular tool is a violation of Niantic's term of service. Players caught using the desktop map can get ban from the game.

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