God Of War 4 Might Introduce These 5 Norse Gods

At long last, God of War 4 is finally coming to the gaming realm soon. Sony, during their presentation at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), confirmed its development. Although the studio has revealed some of the game's upcoming features and gameplay, not much of its villains and/or gods have been made known to the public. Well, anyway, below are 5 Norse gods that the upcoming title might introduce.

God Of War 4 Norse God #1: Odin

Since God of War 4 will shift from Greek mythology to Norse, then it is only right for Odin to step up. This guy here is known to be the leader of all gods in the aforesaid mythology. If the Greeks have Zeus, the Norwegians are into Odin. He is best described as the all-seeing, all-powerful and all-knowing god -- and of course, the known father to Thor.

According to Twinfinite, Kratos might likely have an impending conflict with Odin in God of War 4. So, in one way or another, players can expect the two to battle it all out. And since the said god is the most prevalent in Norse mythology, he is likely to be in the last stages of the game.

God Of War 4 Norse God #2: Thor

If God of War 4 showcases the father (Odin), then it is only right for Thor (the son) to be part of it as well. Known as the Norse god of thunder, Thor is among the feared dudes in the mythology. But while his brute force is no joke, he is far less in terms of intelligence. And oh, he is best recreated in the comic and cinematic versions of Marvel.

God Of War 4 Norse God #3: Loki

Alright, since we have Odin and Thor in God of War 4 (if it indeed happens, which is very likely), why not bring the whole family together? Well, not really -- Loki should be enough. This god here seems to have nothing up in his will but mischievousness. If Kratos needs someone to taunt him from time to time, then there's no better god who is up for the role except Loki.

God Of War 4 Norse God #4: Baldr

Yes, this one here is likely to be introduced in God of War 4. Considered as the god of peace, Baldr has a handful of haters to manage (insert Loki here). If this god eventually ends up in the game, he and Kratos might have a good time battling evil. In The Poetic Edda, the greek demigod is seen asking Baldr the location of Odin.

God Of War 4 Norse God #1: Tyr

Tyr, before even God of War 4 became an idea, was the most powerful gods in the original God of War. His appearance in the forthcoming title will prove to be an interesting addition. And if Kratos ends up crossing path with him, an epic battle is likely to happen. If he's not going to be among the bosses, then he could be in the game as a cameo.

What do you think about the aforementioned gods likely to arrive in God of War 4? Any other Norse gods you can add to the list? Why? Go ahead and share your thoughts at the comment section below!

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