One 'Pokemon Go' Player In Belgium Gets Whole Country Banned From Game

Imagine what would your countrymen would do to you if you got them all banned from playing Pokemon Go. Well this just happened to Belgium, and the Belgian Pokemon Go players are not happy about it.

But, how? reports that 'bot programs' are responsible. It is observed that when massive 'bot programs' are detected in a focused area, the whole IP group gets banned. IP bans, unlike player bans, still allow Pokemon Go players to login but no data will load for Pokemon Go gyms, Pokestops, not even the wild Pokemon.

Why the whole country?

As explained by ComicBookcom, a reddit user, 'r/pokemongodev', made a decicion to test a theory about IP bans. Aparently this test made surprising results. The dev community allegedly did the test via the use of several burner SIM cards and launch thousands of syncronous scans on Pokemon Go servers. The test is similar to what PokeVision did to display current Pokemon locations in Pokemon Go. Aparrently, or should I say unfortunately, all of the said scans were tied to a specific Belgian national IP adress which is currently used by Proximus, the county's largest mobile service provider.

This already has happened before with Brazil as stated by that the country also suffered a massive Pokemon Go outage because of a similar test/IP ban, though this got resolved a few hours after. 

Confirmation of this news develops as hours go by, as per these Reddit and Gamefaqs treads, people are still answering back and forth, clarifying if the ban happened and if it was indeed by just one user. 

Keep playing

In summary, if a Pokemon Go player or group of players decide to do massive cheating and or testing huge database transactions, chances are, their country's major carrier gets detected and then there would be a good chance that the ban-hammer drops as a preventive measure.

This article reminds us to play Pokemon Go without cheating, after all, if the game is too easy, where's the fun in that? For tips and tricks, legal of course, visit my other articles on the related article links below.

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