No God Of War 4 At Gamescom 2016 As Sony All Tied-Up With PS4 Neo Launch

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) proved to be wonderful event for the fans of Kratos, as Sony finally unveiled the highly anticipated God of War 4. Now, most of them are waiting for the tech giant to showcase it at Gamescom 2016. Well, perhaps, for the purpose of getting an overview of what the game is all about. Unfortunately though, it won't be happening.

According to BREATHECast, contrary to popular belief, God of War 4 will not be part of Gamescom 2016. And yes, these despite all the rumors pointing to a possibility of it happening. The main reason behind such move from Sony is the fact that they are all tied-up with the launching of PS4 Neo. Although there's no confirmation or whatsoever, it's still a probable cause for skipping the event.

Gamescom 2016, in its most organic form, is a trade fair wherein games such as God of War 4 will be highlighted. This is where fans will get to learn some new features and whatnots, all building the hype. As stated on the official site of the event, it is now opened for trade visitors and media today. As for the entertainment side of things, visitors can check it out from August 23 to August 26.

God of War 4 is being developed to highlight the journey of Kratos as a father. Along with his son, he'll once again traverse a strange environment, with various monsters lurking in every corner. The game, as explained by Cory Barlog, will focus on the father and son relationship. If the son gets to earn the ways to becoming a god, the father, on the other hand, gets to understand the essence of humanity.

The upcoming God of War 4 has a couple of interesting features to offer -- one of which is the button to control Kratos' rage. Moreover, the title is expected to cover more than 100 hours of gameplay. But of course, players are expecting more of that. Nevertheless, such perspective is really up to the developers.

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