Game Review: 'No Man's Sky' Is Receiving Too Much Hate It Doesn't Deserve

Personally, No Man's Sky doesn't deserve too much hatred. I may have picked up the game, spared $60, played for 2 hours or so, got bored, lost interest, but I did not hate it. I did not treat my play time with it as a waste. I learned a lot from the game but there isn't just enough lure in it that would keep me playing. I have other stuff to do and there are some video games that would urge me to drop the chores and just play. Unfortunately No Man's Sky isn't one of them.

I was combing through the internet looking for interesting things about No Man's Sky, a game my girlfriend urged me to buy during its release day, I found more 'nay' to it than 'yay' after a couple of hours playing.

I knew from the start that the game would have low interest in my preferences in games. I like a game that would hook me up for days or months regardless of its genre. Pokemon Go, even though a non-triple-A game did that for me - I am getting an impression that releasing this game while the Pokemon Go fever is ongoing is a bad idea.

I think what made No Man's Sky super prone to hatred is the fact that it is coming from an Indie company but is sold under Sony as a Triple A game - this hyped up the gaming community, some being misled with expectations as high as with Uncharted or The Last of Us. In my opinion, if it was humbly released as an Indie, we could have been more tolerant and even give it much praise, an awesome game coming from a new comer.

The Good - The game is like Minecraft but on steroids. Instead of blocks, it features 'realistic' graphics concerning planetary explorations, and you have to craft things to get to things or do other things. It teaches you a bit or more about Physics, especially when you travel at fictional speeds - travelling at very high speeds in space exponentially increases your chances of bumping into space rocks as you cannot see them from far away yet you are travelling on that direction too soon. It is a breakthrough in sand box gaming, where it pushes the boundary from an entire city to the galaxy.

This video here talks about the game's hype:

The Bad - No Man's Sky just didn't have enough juice to keep me hooked up in parallel with my busy schedule. But I am not giving up on the game. I will get back to it if my schedule is a bit loose. Unfortunately, games are rated overall, this has good breakthrough but yeah, it lacks players being hooked up to it.

See this video on how the internet hates it:

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