Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks: How To Prepare For Pokemon Go Plus

With Pokemon Go Plus coming from the horizon, it is important to note that Pokemon Go trainers should be ready for it in order to be, of course, 'the very best'.

With that said, we have summarized the tips coming from the good guys at PokemonDB.net for your convenience as we understand that some of you just don't have enough time to scour all data on the internet..

Step 1 - Make Sure Your Device Can Run Pokemon Go!

How can you use Pokemon Go Plus if in the first place, your phone or mobile device can't even support the base app? If you have been already playing the game without issues, then you can skip this step.

Step 2 - Mobile Data Plan, Get it and keep it in check.

As the game suggests with the word 'Go' you will need to be connected anywhere you go, including areas out of Wi-fi range. In order to scour the edges of your urban Pokemon Go jungle you will need your mobile device to keep you connected with the servers.

Step 3 - Keep Your House-keeping In Check

The Pokemon Go App will occupy approximately 50MB for starters, updates in the coming months wil probably take up more. It is recommended that you have at least 200MB free on your drive, which is very doable with phones and gadgets nowadays

Step 4 - Use Your Data Plan Wisely

Some may be using postpaid, some prepaid. There are advantages and disadvantages on both sides from data bundles to good internet connectivity. Choose your plans wisely, young grasshopper, data connectivity is very important for this game.

Step 5 - Power Is Important

Playing Pokemon Go, it is observed that it uses a lot of battery considering the number of times it has to communicate with servers while every play session. Pick up a power bank, don't be hooked up with power outlets, go out explore, be the 'very best'.

Step 6 - Review the Basics

It is said that whoever does not know where they came from will never get to their destination. Reviewing the basics will not only remind you of it but also use it as advantage over players just plainly excited on going forward. We have an article on
comprehensive Pokemon Go guides here.

Step 7 - Learn From Beta Testers

As important as learning the basics, it is advised to scan the internet for real time updates from beta testers as they are like the 'scouts' of the game, giving us heads up and tips about what is coming.

Step 8 - Master Evolution

As of this point, you may already have been very acquainted with evolution tips but if not, look at our evolution optimization articles, such as Pidgey Farming, CP Calculation, Damage Calculation, and IV Calculation.

Step 9 - Be Familiar With Ingress

Niantic has another old and familiar game called Ingress. The map for Pokemon Go is based on that awesome game, let alone other features that are similar. The number 1 lesson you will learn from ingress is: locations of interest. So when you are taking some break from Pokemon Go, might as well login to you Ingress account and review it.

Step 10 - No Man Is An Island

By now you already have a team, if not, then choose one. It is important to be part of a team, for one, it will help you out during gym battles and raids, it may also be advantageous when Pokemon Go Plus comes with its future features, so it wouldn't hurt if you join a team right now. Go team Valor!

Are you ready for Pokemon Go Plus? Hit us with your comments below.

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