Pokemon Go Update: A Comprehensive Guide From History to Tips and Accessories

A nifty compilation of everything Pokemon Go has been put together by the good guys at PCAdvisor.co.uk.

We have our own compilation of Pokemon Go articles and yet we feel it is good to share information other than our sources for your verification of information. That is what the internet is for, yes? As posted by PCAdvisor.co.uk, they have compiled a 'complete guide' to Pokémon GO, covering from Pokémon GO news, Pokémon GO updates, accessories and the like.


Other things to remember when playing Pokemon Go:

Playing Pokemon Go is fun but please be mindful of your surroundings. A woman in Japan got hit by a car because the driver was playing Pokemon Go, initially he did not admit playing Pokemon Go but reasoned out that he was making a call. He then eventually admitted playing after spending hours at the police station. Tragically, the woman who got hit died.

In Taiwan, a series of stampedes have wreaked havoc over Taipei as a wild Snorlax kept on spawning on certain areas. As you can see on the video below:

Ever since its launch, Pokemon Go have been linked to a series of accidents. Being a mobile app, yes, it is prone to accidents since it would be equivalent to driving through a wall talking on the phone or texting. Youtuber Baldo, I mean Matthew Santoro has posted his top 10 compilation of accidents caused by the mobile app.

How long have you been playing Pokemon Go? Are you still hooked? Have you been practicing safety precautions while doing so? Leave a comment and let us know!

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