Grammar Snob: An Application That Corrects Your Friend's Grammar

Have you ever felt like correcting someone's grammar but don't know how? Worry no more, because if you are a Grammar Nazi or just a plain concerned with errors commited in grammar, this application is made exactly just for you. To make the world a better place, Grammar Snob will be collaborating with iMessage. 

iMessage is set to reveal another milestone in its messaging features. After collaborating with a self-destructing message, it revealed that it will also partner up with a grammar-correcting application, Grammar Snob. 

As stated in Engadget, as part of the iOS 10 launch, Apple decided to have another feature to help its very own iMessage. With the stickers provided in iMessage, you are able to easily exchange these with your friends online. It has been an added perk to communicating online. The stickers became updated and released the Grammar Snob sticker pack.

The sticker pack is a group of corrections in red color, which usually highlights the most common mistakes of an average user. Two of those are your/you're and were/we're stickers. It also has corrections for mispelled words, cross-outs, and insertion stickers are provided. 

Through this, the receiver of the message can notify the sender of the mistakes about certain grammar errors right away.

According to indiatimes, Grammar Snob is on iOS 10 and can be downloaded for 0.99 dollars. The receiver of the corrected messages should also be on iOS to see the corrections made by the other party.

Grammar Snob adds an extra jolt of surprise for iMessage users. With that, we ponder - what is up next for iMessage?

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