Xbox Live Gold Users Celebrate: "Splosion Man" Is For Free

The best things in life are free. Totally agree. Great news for Xbox Live Gold Members as "Splosion Man" is ready for download. Not just that, the greater news is that it is for free. Yes, you heard it right! You can grab your copy of this addictive game without shelling out any cash as it's FREE.

An Xbox Gold Live Member, for the information of the reader, has the privilege to get the most advanced bonus games and could purchase while enjoying great discounts in different Xbox Stores. According to Microsoft, Xbox Live Gold costs only $9.99.

"Splosion Man", which was produced by Twisted Pixel, was first seen in 2009. The group of developers was also known for producing games such as LocoCycle and Comic Jumper.

According to MSPoweruser, The character of the game is an experiment with the skills of exploding by himself. He makes a way to find the exit to the laboratory known as Big Science by going through some traps and obstacles.

As mentioned by Videogamer, the game can be downloaded from the Xbox Store for free, if the purchaser is a Gold subscriber. It is free if you buy the two games mentiojed above. It is well-suited for Xbox One as well.

Perhaps, the announcement of the games' availability in the market is a great news for all enthusiasts of the game. What even better offer is that it's for free. Gaming consoles are made to stay connected to friends and family, get interactive, and be able to share the fun to other people.

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