"Hillsong: Let Hope Rise" Coming To Cinemas

Many people have been inspired by the songs of the band, Hillsong. The band performed in many sold-out concerts in and out of the country. Now, the band is heading onto yet another journey as they showcase their lives right on the big screen. The movie is entitled "Hillsong: Let Hope Rise".

Hillsong, as cited in smh, originated in Bualkham Hills in 1983. Now, the band has been popular anywhere in the world. In 2013, the band's album was ranked at iTunes' overall album chart and Billboard Top 5. They have reportedly generated around 16 million units of albums sold and still continue to make music up until now. Some of the songs that people are currently listening to are "Oceans" and "Touch the Sky". 

According to Christian Daily, the band members hope that the film will uplift the spirit of the moviegoers. The movie focuses on the band and how the journey went all throughout the time. The director of the movie, Michael John Warren, hopes that the audience would have a great worship experience in the cinema. He feels that the movie is one way to inspire more people. On the other hand, the band believes that the film could help people get closer to God. They believe too that this could be a great avenue to accompany relatives or friends who needs to be enlightened on the role of God in our lives.

The movie will also pound on the extraordinary journey of the band; on how they started from scratch and ended up into the big screen.

The movie will hit the theaters on September 16 and many followers are excited and looking forward to watching this theatrical worship experience.

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