'Resident Evil 7' Gameplay Update: Standard Weapons Main Purpose Revealed, It's Not For Enemies; PS4 Pro, Xbox One S HDR Support Confirmed

"Resident Evil 7" weapons are not expected to give high damage to the foes in the game. A screenshot showed gunshots and flame are not enough to stop a burning Jack Baker from approaching the protagonist although it may slow him down.

Leaked photos and videos have been spotted online that confirm the weapons that will be used in "Resident Evil 7." The game will include the standard weapons like handgun, knife, and a shotgun, Bitbag reported. However, Baker was made to be extremely resistant and invulnerable to damages in the game. The other foes are made extra tough and difficult to defeat in this installment of the game.

"Resident Evil 7" will have the standard weapons not to kill the enemies, but to help in going through the puzzles in the game. Players will be made to focus on solving puzzles and moving around the house to find hiding spots, safe zones, or cutscene kills. The game will be released in January 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One S.

Weapons will serve another purpose, this time as tools to get around the areas in "Resident Evil 7." For example, both the handgun and shotgun may be used to force locks open to become a ranged interaction tool.

On the other hand, the knife will be essential in cutting ropes or wires in the game. While the older "Resident Evil" installments were more puzzle-oriented due to slower pacing and early technology, new technology allows players to experience faster gameplay and the approach is more action-oriented this time.

Meanwhile, "Resident Evil 7" will also boast a High-Dynamic-Range Imaging or HDR, which will give it a wider range of color and contrast on an HDR compatible TV. The game has been confirmed to release on PS4 Pro and lately, Xbox One S as well, with HDR Support.

"Resident Evil 7" gamers will experience the full game in high-resolution, luxuriant 4K with rich visuals that can only come from HDR for that gaming experience that looks so real, it can almost be felt, Capcom reported.

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