Here's How No Man's Sky Looks In Doom Universe

No Man's Sky has been in the spotlight for good and bad reasons. While there are those who love every bit of it, there are some who felt like Sean Murray robbed them. Either way, it didn't stop a gamer from creating a Doom mod that will recreate the overall experience of playing Hello Games' flagship title.

According to Kotaku, a modder by the name of Robert Prest has been trying to put the very core of No Man's Sky in Doom. The latter is developed by id Software with Bethesda being one of the publishers. Prest's attempt is quite interesting that fans of either NMS or Doom should give it a look-see.

The player's recreation of No Man's Sky, however, misses the fancier elements. For instance, the smooth transition from space all the way to a particular planetary surface. Nevertheless, the overall aspect of it is very remarkable. Heck, it even looks as if the game was released back in 1994.

The interesting part of this No Man's Sky recreation is that Doom's engine is limited. That making it a possibility was surely a rigorous work to do. Props to Prest, as he did a magnificent job there.

PC Gamer, on the other hand, notes that Prest has no first-hand experience with No Man's Sky. Since the title's release, he hasn't played it yet. So how did he do it? Well, he developed the mod based on what his eyes saw in the trailer. Talk about solid talent, eh?

Prest reportedly covered around three weeks just to complete the No Man's Sky mod, though he initially expected it to be finished in three days. And oh, by the way, he calls it No Guy's Sky. From planets to foliage to creatures to space stations, all of these are randomly generated as far as the said mod is concerned.

For interested players, they can check it here. The video is below!

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