HTC Bolt To Follow iPhone 7's Lead; Leaks Reveal No Headphone Jack

Can you imagine another phone without a headphone jack? Seems like the rumored HTC Bolt will be sporting the no headphone jack trend that the iPhone 7 started.

HTC has always been known to be one of the brands to manufacture smartphones with cutting-edge designs, decent quality and performance. HTC has been trying to squeeze into the smartphone wars for years, but the brand has been struggling. Maybe this is why they are also trying to extend their branch to try the field of Virtual Reality gaming by producing the HTC Vive.

Despite the continuous rise of Apple, Samsung and other tech companies, HTC is still trying to make it in the smartphone game by releasing their latest flagship, complete with the elimination of the device's headphone jack.

HTC Bolt - No Headphone Jack

According to CNET, HTC is developing a new phone called the HTC Bolt and it is going to lose the headphone jack much like the iPhone 7 did. Years ago, HTC came popping in the mobile industry with a bunch of phones to see what consumers would like. The Taiwan-based tech company decided to drop that strategy and just focus on manufacturing a few smartphones that offer higher quality.

While the new strategy worked and won the hearts of customers, HTC has been recognized as a brand that manufactures the best mid-range smartphones in the market.

HTC Bolt To Catch Up With Apple And Samsung

The HTC Desire 10 was announced a few days ago which led the Taiwan-based tech company to a realization that they no longer want to settle in the mid-range market. By producing the HTC Bolt and hopping on the no headphone jack bandwagon, the company believes this is their ticket to get them up to speed with Apple and Samsung.

Images have leaked showing what the HTC Bolt is going to look like and along with that leak are rumors that Taiwan-based company's latest flagship will be launched in October, The Verge reports.

HTC has not released any details about the HTC Bolt yet. The Taiwan-based tech company has not even decided whether they're bringing the HTC Desire 10 to the United States. Either way, it looks like both smartphones would seem like a great alternative if the Samsung Galaxy Note 7's batteries finally stop exploding and the iPhone 7 gets done being boring.

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