500 Million Yahoo Accounts Stolen By Hackers

Yahoo announced on Thursday that According to New York Times, 500 million accounts were stolen two years ago. This includes all private information of Yahoo users, including their names, email, telephone numbers, addresses, and passwords. Yahoo stated that is was a state-sponsored action and did not mention what countries were affected by the incident.

With that said, Yahoo pleads its user to change their passwords and their security questions as well. They also advisde users to review their accounts for activities that are not related to them personally.

According to CNN, the company is now working with law-enforcing officers on the incident.

The incident was revealed after Verizon, who knew of what happened only weeks before now, agreed to buy Yahoo properties for 4.83 billion dollars last July. New York Times stated that the effect of the incident remained unclear up until now. Security experts believe that the outcome of what had happened is drastic and could change the course of millions of transactions globally.

The incident was a viral topic in social media right now because people or maybe the users of Yahoo share their comments about it.

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