Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence To Star In 'Passengers' Movie

Sony Entertainment has released the first-ever trailer for the movie "Passengers", starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. The two stars of the movie led box-office films before respectively. With Jennifer Lawrence being the victor to the Hunger Games and Chris Pratt acting as the unlikely superhero in Guardians of the Galaxy, this collaboration will surely be a hit. Plus factor is the unusual love story that has never been portrayed before on any movie.

Sony Entertainment made sure that the film is unlike any other. According to Nerdist, two people from space woke up 90 years earlier than planned. With this, they teamed up to help each other out in escaping near-death experiences and surviving the chaos.

The preview started with Aurora, played by Lawrence, being asked to go and have dinner with Jim, played by Pratt. It started out rather light which made everyone think that this is predictable and common - like the other would fall in love with the other, fight, make up and get back to each other's arms. But the story didn't end there. The trailer showed that the two were about to go on a test and was about to sleep. Then suddenly, they accidentally woke up years earlier than they were supposed to be.

According to E! Online News, as they wonder about the accident, they would eventually fall in love with one another. In addition, the story is made more exciting as a threat of the ship collapsing is about to happen during that time.

The trailer ended with the two characters questioning the reason behind the accident. Was it real or was it planned all along?

The Passengers will be released in the big screen on December 21. Don't miss the chance to witness this sci-fi movie directed by Morten Tyldum.

Watch the trailer here:

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