High-Quality Images Not a Problem With Sony’s A99 II

As the old adage goes - a picture paints a thousand words - and it does so in reality. This creates long-lasting memories that are treasured and even shared throughout someone's lifetime. This is why; consumers are looking for cameras that could produce the best results and capture every bit of detail with precision. With that, Sony, one of the leading brands in the aspect of technology has something to offer to their avid customers: The A99 II.

Sony's A99 II is unlike the usual camera that people have. It has a wide-range of qualities that is not seen in some hot offerings of other brands. This camera has 42.4 mega-pixel sensors that are observed in mirrorless models. According to The Verge, it offers a fusion of autofocus system which has 79 dedicated cross points and 399 supplemental points. Not just that, this newly-released product has a 5-axis image stabilization system and 4K video recording with full pixel readout.

Some photographers are struggling in night shots but with the Sony A99, you don't need to ask for more. As stated in Engadget, the camera's feature has the ability to defy both shifting blur in close-ups and rolling blur in lights that are really low. It is said to have a 4.5-step shutter speed advantage and ISO 102,400 sensitivity.

The camera offered by Sony is best used by professional photographers, those who are in the field of sports and wildlife. The camera, proving that is not like the other, has a twin-SD card slot and is said to be dust- and water-resistant.

With the company giving out the fullest potential of the product, users who love to take videos will be grateful for a zebra mode and improved gamma handling that this camera has. This would make any exposure of the produced result easy to adjust and tweak.

The camera's price is $3,200 and will be released in November. So what are you waiting for? Show those pearly whites and say cheese with Sony's A99 II.

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