Rocket League Will Take Players Under the Sea: Find Out How

Cars have been one of the fascinations of people from around the world, especially gamers. Thus, developers came up with concepts and ideas that could turn one gameplay in an adventure of a lifetime.

Rocket League has been one of the addicting games throughout the span of time. The game, according to its own site, is a "sport-action game equipped with vehicles promising an action-packed experience."

With that said, Rocket League is set to introduce another arena that would spice up the gameplay. The developers, Psyonix, launched the game’s new arena, the AquaDome. According to PC Gamer, with the release of the upgraded arena comes cars that are suited with the place. The arena is free, but the cars aren’t - Triton and Proteus could be bought for $2.

According to Windows Central, the clip released shows that future users will be able to view aquatic animals and destroy ships while trying to score goals in their chosen cars.

With the new cars in place, future players of the game should also expect a Bioshock environment. A new soundtrack form part of the additional feature that presents Drunk Girl.

The arena and the new cars will be released in October this year; which could be played in PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 consoles. The developer promises that more previews will be shown in the coming days and months.

With that said, many are waiting for its release and some are interested on how the game could be pulled out underwater. It will surely make gaming more fun and interactive. What could be the next arena that Rocket League would be releasing? This something to look forward to. 

Here is a sneak peek for the new arena offered by Rocket League:

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