iPhone 7 And Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Speed Test

Apple and Samsung have been pitted against each other ever since mobile technology has been invented. This year, these two respective companies released two new phones that will wow the world - iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Both companies released promises regarding the efficiency and intuitiveness of the two products. As a result, People are in awe as to what these two phones are capable of doing and its edge against competition. With that, several tests were made to compare them. These tests were made to help consumers choose what is best on the racks.

Speed Test

One of those tests is the speed test. The two items went into a head-to-head faceoff to see which is faster than the other. BGR cleared that tests were made so that users could get a glimpse as to how a phone would work in comparison to the other. They test the products in relation to how consumers commonly use it.

The producer of the test checked the phones, as to which product could open an application first. After that, a second observation was made to see which item could hold an application and relaunch it.

What happened after these tests? The iPhone 7 was proven faster than the Galaxy Note 7. With the observers thinking that it would be a stiff competition, the two products didn't get a close result.

According to The Verge, The reason behind the result might be the iPhone 7's A10 processor. In comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7's A9x, the processor of the Apple product performed well in the test.

With the issues rising against Samsung, Apple has moved up for this season. It's newly released products: Iphone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been the talk of the town for the past several months. What could it offer next and how would Samsung make a sterling comeback this time around?

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