'Destiny 2' Coming To PC Very Soon? 'The Taken King' Director Takes Charge

"Destiny 2" is expected to roll out for PC users. Activision is collaborating with Vicarious Visions to create the game. With the final expansion for "Destiny" already released, Bungie will be focusing on "Destiny 2". The new title will be a sequel to the successful MMO shooter, "Destiny".

The news came from a thread on NeoGAF. The rumor eventually grew when Kotaku's source reportedly confirmed the rumor. The speculation eventually grew when Kotaku's source confirmed the rumor. The development of "Destiny 2" has been confirmed to be in the hands of Bungie and "Skylanders" developer Vicarious Visions.

In fact, Jason Schreier had concrete evidence of the rumor. In addition to the PC Port, the sequel would also feature a raid matchmaking. Moreover, Jason Schreier gave concrete evidence to the rumor. Aside from the PC Port, the sequel is also said to feature a raid matchmaking. Rumor has it that Bungie has decided to let go of "Destiny" PC given the tremendous amount of work and resources that it required.

Additionally, "Destiny" had been available for two generations of gaming consoles. "Destiny 2" is slated to roll out for Xbox One Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Furthermore, Bungie also aims to make the sequel a completely new game. According to Bungie, they will be ditching the story, characters and planets of "Destiny". New gamers, especially PC gamers, reportedly need not worry about the prequel. In addition, "Destiny 2" is still unannounced and is set to arrive in 2017.

Meanwhile, Bungie has reportedly told its staff that "Destiny 2" will be coming to PC in 2017 but has not revealed an official release date. Bungie can be expected to create complete character resets along with brand new areas and activities. Bungie is rumored to add populated towns, outposts and quests to each of the planets.

"Destiny 2" is rumored to be under the direction of "The Taken King" Director Luke Smith along with Executive Producer Mark Noseworthy. The "Destiny 2" leak came after the successful launch of "Destiny: Rise of Iron" for Xbox One and PS4. Additionally, gamers can also get the "Destiny" Collection featuring the original game and all expansions, including the latest expansion "Rise of Iron".

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