'Destiny: Rise Of Iron' Complete Guide To Reach Light Level 385

Bungie has just revealed the new expansion Rise of Iron for "Destiny." This basically brings a new challenge to work on: the new Light level 385 cap.

Before players get to experience Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine at the end of the game, they have to go through at least five light levels first. Here's a complete list on how to pass these light levels and make it to Rise of Iron's highest light level cap.

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" Light Level 345

To make it to Light level 340, players should be able to decode Rare items and Engrams during story missions and initial Quests along the way which is just easy. By doing this, Light level will eventually rise to 340.

Make sure that your current highest Light level is equipped before decoding Engrams and performing activities that can drop gear at higher Light levels. Be reminded that if you have a heap of Engrams to decode, take a look at the Light of the armor being dropped, if there is, before moving on to the next Engram to make sure that you stay at the highest level available.

One way to help you make it to Light level 350 as quickly as possible is to use Legendary Marks to gain new Artifacts and buy Legendary gear from vendors.

In the event that you are getting your way to Light level 385 through Crucible, which may be slower than other means, have yourself armed with the highest light Gear.

Apart from Crucible, Archon's Forge is also a good spring of Engrams to increase Light level up to 385. However, SIVA Offering items that generate it are inadequate. The only way to reach your goal is to play with others as this can help gain levels.

Before engaging in a combat against your enemies and Crucible match, make sure to use a Three of Coins item. This makes the chances of dropping an Exotic Engram lower and will help you get through Light level 385. Don't forget to secure a reserve for this from Xur when he comes during weekends.

You can also acquire Light level gear or armor plunders up to 385 from progressing Factions like Crucible and Vanguard so better be always in the know on events that may lead you to more loot.

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" Light Level 350

Getting to Light level 365 from 350 can be a tricky one. Consider the tips below to help you make it through.

As you make your way to Light level 365, the value of Legendary Engram Light diminishes accordingly. This is the sporting chance for you to strengthen your other activities to increase the odds of boosting your Light level.

When losing story missions along the way, perform Strike playlist to advance Light level increases. This engenders a good amount of drops connected to your current Light level. According to Bungie, two Strikes is tantamount to a Light notch up on the average. Once you get through Light level 365, Strike's value diminishes.

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" Light Level 365

Reaching Ghosts and Artifacts in Light level 365 meanwhile is quite a tough one. Both gradually drop from Engram decryptions. Worry not because Faction loot can provide you Ghosts, while Artifacts can drop from completing Strikes or leveling the Crota's Bane Faction.

Legendary Engrams and Strike Playlists can no longer help you when crossing 365 to 385, activities can. Iron Banner Trials of Osiris, Raid, Exotics, Nightfall and Factions can help you with loot.

"Destiny: Rise Of Iron" Level 385

After 100 percent of Light level has been carried by Infusion, not using Sidearms or Shotguns can fill high Light level versions into other Gear. And, Exotics that cannot carry loadout can still be used for their Light.

To boost the Levels of second and third characters to track money-spinning gear bases, give high Level weapons and infuse armor drops from other classes.

Overload Prime might be difficult and tedious to use, so it is recommended for Light level 390.

Finally, always arm the current highest Light level when decrypting an Engram or receive Faction loot, not the previous one. This also applies to other activities.

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