Inside The Acer Predator G1: Specs, Price And Build

Acer is indeed proving to the world that it is a company that can boost the standards of gaming computers and laptops alike. The Acer Predator G1 is a living proof of this, as the device is a perfect combination of aesthetic design and powerful internal spec. 

It's price is extremely competitive as well. The Acer Predator G1 is currently priced at only $2,299, way lower than the price that a PC builder would charge you in having the same specs.

These are the specs of the Acer Predator G1:

  • Windows 10 Home Operating System
  • Intel Core i7-6700 Quad-core clocked at 3.40 GHz
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 with an 8 GB Dedicated Memory
  • 32 GB, DDR4 SDRAM
  • 2 TB HDD + 512 GB SSD
  • Free aluminium frame suitcase

Pros Of The Acer Predator G1

The Acer Predator G1 proves to be a gaming desktop that has superior processing speed and power despite its seemingly smaller size. It doesn't confine users to a single gaming place, as they can carry it around with them.

However, it will surely have a 5 to 10 percent performance drop due to the sacrificed space; which is not really a bad thing. The LED-lit keyboard of the Acer Predator G1 is a very good match to the comfortable texture it has. it is perfect for gaming, reducing hand strain.

Cons Of The Acer Predator G1

The one thing that makes the Acer Predator G1 a slight turn off is its lack of USB ports, which number only five. It also needs to have more room given that multiple flash drives are usually utilized for gaming computers.

Surely, the Acer Predator G1 is a desktop that is perfectly made for the sake of gaming. It is not only a cool-looking piece of engineering marvel but also a badass powerhouse.

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