Pokemon GO Update: 3 Biggest Functions That Capture Bonus Does

Pokemon GO is slated to feature the new capture bonus feature as announced on the official website of Niantic recently. The feature is reportedly available to all "Pokemon GO trainers who can get the capture bonus every time medals are earned on the basis of certain types of Pokemon that are captured." The earned capture bonus will then give players a better shot at catching related types of Pokemon.

How To Earn Pokemon GO Medals

Pokemon GO features many types of medals in the game. The medals are given to trainers upon capturing a certain number of Pokemon creatures. For example, a Swimmer Medal can be received by trainers who capture a specific amount of Water Pokemon like Wartortle, Squirtle, Blastoise, Poliwag, Goodluck, among others. Interestingly, combining the Swimmer Medal with the capture bonus will pave the way to finding the more rare Water-type creatures.

Before the capture bonus feature was introduced to Pokemon GO, medals were believed to be pointless. Previously, medals had no way of helping players gain any XP or any other advantages. However, the newest feature in Pokemon GO is set on giving gamers incentives for collecting medals.

Niantic was only able to announce the feature but not the release date. However, it is believed to arrive soon. Niantic is known for releasing updates every two weeks. Hence, Pokemon GO is expected to receive the new feature by this week or next.

Pokemon Go Gym Training Made Easier

In other news, Niantic has just announced a new feature in a post saying that gym training will be made easier and more beginner-friendly. Currently, Pokemon GO trainers can only bring one Pokemon to train at the friendly gym. Niantic has expanded this via the feature promising up to six creatures to join the gym training simultaneously.

Pokemon GO combat points of enemy Pokemon may also be temporarily adjusted in a lower level or depending on one's level. This is expected to make it easier to train Pokemon. Moreover, it is also said to contribute to the team's overall progress at the gym. Watch NEW POKEMON GO UPDATE IS COMING! Easier Gym Battles + Catch Bonuses!

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