Pokemon Go News: Update Disables Scanners Again? Niantic Considers Complete Reversal?

Pokemon GO had been launched three months ago including a fully operational tracking system that gaming aficionados may use to hunt down Pokemon creatures nearby. However, the system was allegedly broken intentionally a week later and was removed entirely after. A replacement came up but also went broken. Players were able to find alternatives in the form of third party maps and scanners.

However, with the popularity of the services, Niantic is believed to have developed a blood feud of sorts. The developer of Pokemon GO had killed maps and scanners before but new ones eventually pop up a week later. However, these alternatives have ceased again noting mega-popular websites like FastPokeMap down for an undetermined time.

Apparently, Niantic has pushed an update out that was said to present suspicious Pokemon GO players with reCAPTCHA before the game could be playable again. This was seen as an obstacle for scanners which had always managed accounts automatically and had no way of solving reCAPTCHA without the user's input. However, after some workaround, solutions have been found and scans are ready to face the change once more.

However, a more recent error had been found. Niantic forced a security update requiring a complete reverse engineering effort. Similar errors have led to the decrease of playerbase of Pokemon GO with hardcore players reportedly the only ones left playing the game. Niantic is expected to completely destroy the errors in the game.

Meanwhile, Pokemon GO players that use third-party scanning apps and cheats to catch Pokemon have been warned by Niantic about the possibility of getting banned. A FastPokeMap Twitter post mentioned that a new security by "Pokemon GO" servers has already been released.

Pokemon GO players have also noted receiving a special security message when opening the gaming app. The message noted a detection of signals from the account suggestive of third-party apps use or modified software associated with cheating. Use of these types of software are expected to be permanently banned from the user's accounts. It should be noted that all game progress will also be lost as a result. Watch POKEMON GO MAP - FIND POKEMON ANYWHERE!! | +7 EVOLUTIONS [4]

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