Pokemon Go Update: Why Spending Candies For Squirtle, Rattata, Pidgey Not A Good Idea

Pokemon GO Gen 2 is slated to roll out in the next couple of months and several new rare critters may be expected for the hit augmented reality game. Several new pocket monsters are slated to be revealed with the second generation of Pokemon GO including Porygon, Bellosom, Grobat, Politoed, Steelix, Slowking, Tyrogue, Blissey, Hitmontop, Scizor, Kingdra, Umbreon and Espeon.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Evolutions

A lot of Pokemon creatures are believed to evolve in Pokemon GO Gen 2 which will require candies. Pokemon GO candy may be acquired by hatching eggs. Niantic also offered a new way to earn candy by *walking with a buddy Pokemon also known as the Buddy System.

Pokemon GO Candies

However, the new Pokemon Go Buddy feature is said to give meager candy for every km walked. Moreover, candies earned are expected to be kept while waiting for Pokemon GO Gen 2 to be released. The candies are expected to be of more use in the next installment of the game for the evolution of the more important and rare monsters.

Hence, to gain better chances at Pokemon Gym battles, it is said that Pokemon GO candies be kept for the new creatures. These said new creatures are said to be more valuable than than Pidgey, Squirtle or Rattata.

Pokemon GO Update Affects Pokedex

Meanwhile, a new Pokemon GO tweak is already available and is causing the Pokedex to record the encounters with Pokemon in Gyms as well as the existing wild Pokemon encounters. Niantic typically announces major updates for Pokemon GO in advance. Once in awhile, the game developer rolls out surprise changes in the background, awaiting players to discover them.

Pokemon GO sightings listed in the Pokedex will now mean any Pokemon seen at Pokemon Gyms. Previously, only Pokemon found in the wild qualify as sightings in Pokedex. Moreover, Niantic also announced that gym battles would be altered to allow members of the same team to participate in strengthening the team's Pokemon Gym. Watch Pokemon GO GENERATION 2 - SAVE THESE CANDIES NOW!!! (New Pokemon Gen 2)

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