Why Trash Talking In League Of Legends Pro Tournaments Is A Big No

League of Legends is among the successful titles in the world of eSports. Tournaments after tournaments have been implemented, featuring the best players in the world. And like any other sports out there, emotions can be a make and break. That, in one way or another, it can affect a player's entire profession. Sadly for pro player Hankil "Road" Yoon, it didn't go the way he wanted it to be.

According to Kotaku, the said League of Legends player was suspended by Riot following an announced ruling for the game. He was also fined with a whopping $2,000. The decision to do so rooted from the fact that Road was verbally abusing (trash talking) other players in a game. The event happened when he was solo-queuing for ranked matches as part of his practice routine.

As a result, Road's League of Legends team is in serious crisis. They'll be competing at the group stage of the titular World Championship without him. This is definitely a tough scenario to experience for the rest of his teammates.

Riot released a statement, referring to the said League of Legends behavior in the ranked match. That Road utilized "racially insensitive language" so as to verbally abuse a player. The event was noticed in the game's Korean server.

The League of Legends player that Road abused is said to be his teammate in the ranked match. In fact, his display of such behavior was recorded way back in late August, with the October 5 game being the latest. Sure enough, the pro player's unpleasant rhetoric has taken its toll.

Road's toxic behavior in League of Legends was first revealed through a Reddit post. The latter displayed a screen capture of his verbal attacks to Henrik "Froggen" Hansen, who is from Echo Fox. After Hansen experienced a series of deaths courtesy of the opponents, Road spammed him with "go die."

In response to the events, the League of Legends pro player explained that he was merely telling him to go die at mid. He released his explanation via a Facebook post. It was translated by The Score, noting that Road's English communication skills is limited; hence he said it in such way. But sadly, Riot noticed his behavior ever since the above mentioned timeline. Nevertheless, he apologized for all the trouble.

What are your thoughts on Road's behavior in the aforesaid League of Legends game? Do you think it's just right for Riot to suspend and fine him? Let us know your thoughts at the comment section below!

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