'Prey' Official Gameplay Trailer Features A Female Lead

Bethesda announced several games in E3 2016 when they hosted the press conference and revealed several surprises. They revealed anticipated games like Quake Champions and Prey - the latter having released a new gameplay trailer just today. The trailer features a female character as the main character or the female version of Morgan Yu.

Prey To Feature Gender Selection

It's a possibility that this means gender selection is possible in the game but Bethesda just recently released the female version in the trailer - with the male version having been released in the first cinematic trailer. In Prey, you play as Morgan Yu, the main character. Whose name is intentionally androgynous to fit both gender as the game can afford to let players choose.

In Prey, you ride aboard a space station as Morgan Yu. You are hunted by aliens and desperate to survive and find the mysteries upon your very existence. According to Bethesda, it's not just extra terrestrials threats you'll encounter - they teased about more enemies in this fast actions first-person shooter game.

Developed by Arkane Studios, the same game developers that brought to you the Dishonored masterpieces, you as Morgan Yu awaken in 2032 into a future they themselves imagined.

This timeline in Prey supposedly is an alternate future - which among other things include President Kennedy surviving his assassination attempt. In Prey, the U.S. built Talos I, a space station built upon a stronger space program. The game is set in Talos I itself and you need to explore the hidden dark secrets of this amazing labrynth all the while battling alien monsters.

Prey is set to release on 2017 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. No specific date has been announced. What do you think of Bethesda's new game? Will it look as awesome as Dishonored 2? Watch the trailer below.

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