Why The PS4 Pro Will Now Include Supporting SATA 3.0 Hard Drives Among Its Technical Specifications

Sony will be launching its mid-gen console called PlayStation 4 Pro next month and everyone wants to know more about its technical specifications aside from the ones being publicized. After all, if we are going to spend some more money to get the Pro version, we'd have every right to know what it's in it for us.

As of this writing, the official release on the PS4 Pro's specifications only said a few things about it like having x86-64 AMD "Jaguar" (8 cores) as its CPU and a graphics card bearing 1.84 TFLOPS by AMD Radeon. It will come with 500GB and 1TB models along with other information.

Just in, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced that the PS4 Pro will support Serial ATA 3.0 hard drives. This clears out the interview note that the said console will not support such version of a hard drive. It was published before that SIE VP Masayasu Ito said that the PS4 Pro will only support SATA 2.0 for its hard drive, PlayStation Lifestyle reports.

Why is SATA 3.0 now supported?

For one, it probably is a step towards future-proofing as Sony has already announced that the PS4 Pro will compete with PC instead of its console rivals. PC, on the other hand, can upgrade anytime, so when a new technology arrives, you just need to buy it and cram it to your gaming rig - carefully cramming it, of course.

Second, obviously SATA 3.0 is better than its older brother SATA 2.0. According to Sandisk's website, the third-generation hard drive doubles the writing speed of its predecessor. With 6Gb per second compared to the older version's 3Gb per second. With a higher writing speed, it can withstand future demands of upcoming games and at the same time give its players better experience by reducing, if not completely eliminating, the waiting time for games to properly load. This would also relate to the future-proofing concept stated on the previous paragraph.

Third reason maybe a bit of marketability, since hardware is always evolving and consoles don't get that much upgrade over the years. As compared to PC rigs that you can just upgrade whenever you like it - and whenever you have enough cash. Below is a commentary about PS4 Pro supporting SATA 3.0:

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