Multiplayer Survival Game 'Osiris: New Dawn' Is Steam’s Next Breakout Hit

This multi-player adventure survival game, packed with impressive crafting and base building and combined with an action-packed first-person shooting experience, may be the next best hit on Windows PC.

According to a report from Polygon, the single-player demo offers an all-inclusive experience that proves quite stunning.

Osiris: New Dawn Lets You Be A Space Pirate

The game starts out with players having to choose between joining the United Nations of the Earth of being a space pirate called the Outlanders. Soon in the final game, players will be able to customize their characters fully and choose a class for them. There will reportedly be scientists, marines, engineers and such with differing starting stats.

Characters will be immediately put on an adventure after crash-landing on a planet. Depending on the faction, there are two starting planets on the game - UNE joiners will land on an environment similar to Mars' and pirates will land on an icy planet like "Star Wars'" Hoth. 

Every player is equipped with a rechargeable energy pistol and an assault rifle to defend themselves from nemeses. However, it is also possible to tame many of the game's creatures so the player can ride them instead of killing them.

Osiris: New Dawn Is Looking Impressive

Although not much of Osiris: New Dawn was revealed during the short demo, the final product could be something gamers all over the world could look forward to. And the good news is players will have a chance to experience it not before long.

Soon there will be ten servers that will be launched, each of which will feature 60-square kilometer planets to explore.

"It takes two to three hours to walk from one end to the other," Brian McRae, Osiris game developer said. "They're hand-crafted, the whole thing. The only part that we did procedurally is the erosion and sediment carry from the mountains, mountains that we placed with our own artistic brush. We did the procedural generation to make them feel like they've been there a while."

Aside from launching it exclusively on Windows PC, the team also plans to launch it on modern consoles such as Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo... or who knows, it might also come to PSVR.

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