Pokemon GO News: Niantic Confirms No Official Tracker Anytime Soon

Pokemon GO game developer Niantic has no confirmed timeline for an official tracker to be released. Apparently, a geo-locked "nearby" tracker found in San Francisco may not be rolling out to other cities anytime soon. Without any form of mapping services in-game and third party apps losing access, gamers allegedly threatened to stop playing the game altogether.

Pokemon GO once had a tracking feature when it was first released. Apparently, in due time the feature had several glitches until it completely broke down and was removed by Niantic. However, Niantic allegedly has not provided any replacement nor does it announce plans to do so.

On another note, third party apps began to rise to compensate the loss of the tracker feature on Pokemon GO. However, Niantic disallowed third party apps to have access to the game as it is said to be a form of cheating. Hence, gamers have reportedly been forced to wander aimlessly instead of hunting rare Pokemon.

In the meantime, a new Pokemon GO tracking system making use of nearby PokeStops reportedly went live in select markets recently, a Niantic spokesperson said. However, there is no estimated timeline for getting it out to the rest of the world. Moreover, as winter time is approaching, wandering about aimlessly in search for a Pokemon is just not tolerable anymore.

In other news, Pokemon GO app reportedly placed fifth on the top-grossing apps list on  iOS App Store. Apparently, the game still has a huge fan base. Moreover, a widely used Pokemon GO cheat is said to be working well with the update sans jailbreaking.

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