Pokemon GO Update: FastPokeMap Tracker Revived! San Fracisco Locked Tracker Will Not Be Released Everywhere?

Pokemon GO map tracker FastPokeMap was once disabled by Niantic for becoming a cheating tool used by some gamers. However, the creator of the famous mapping system is expected to come back online soon. A new "nearby" tracker has also been unlocked in San Francisco tracking Pokemon creatures near Pokestops.

Pokemon GO Tracker: FastPokeMap

The anonymous creator of FastPokeMap went to Twitter to announce that the famous map tracker is being revived and should be up and running soon. The team has been working on it intently for a few days. Moreover, the recent posts read that a few more touch ups and missing links were needed to get the map tracker online and working again.

Pokemon GO Disabled Third Party Apps

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality app that would hugely benefit from a mapping system to be able to find and capture Pokemon creatures. However, Niantic quickly disabled the use of third party apps and map trackers from having access to the game. Niantic took measures to ensure that the apps would not allow gamers to cheat.

This move was said to provoke a couple of Pokemon GO players to get disappointed since FastPokeMap has been useful in improving gaming experience. Furthermore, several Pokemon GO players allegedly threatened to boycott the game should a map tracker no longer be found. On the other hand, it is believed that third party apps are used for cheating and that Niantic was right in shutting down their access.

Pokemon GO Geo-Locked Tracker 

Meanwhile, a Pokemon GO map tracker was reportedly spotted in San Francisco. Apparently, Niantic released a new region-locked "nearby" tracker in August testing the feature there. Currently, the game has a "Sightings" panel but the "Nearby" panel can point directly to Pokemon that are nearby Pokestops for faster tracking.

Pokemon GO will reportedly not be receiving a map tracker any time soon since the geo-locked feature has no set timeline for a potential release worldwide, a Niantic representative told Polygon. However, it is said that this "nearby" tracker may actually be found in the Pokemon GO code but may not be accessed outside of San Francisco. Additionally, the new feature is said to be working best only with several Pokestops within walking distance. Watch video about NEW NEARBY TRACKER IN POKEMON GO! - How it Works + Video in Action

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