Pokemon GO Update: Restructured Gym System, Catch Bonus Patches Not Enough To Maintain Fanbase? Here's What It Needs

Pokémon GO has gotten new updates that included an overhauled gym system and catch bonuses. Furthermore, a new batch of Pokémon are slated to give trainers more starter options such as Cyndaquil, Chikorita and Totodile from the Pokémon Gold and Silver. The good points of the new gym system is not yet known but the catch bonus is rumored to be three percent.

Pokemon Go Update

The pair of patches are expected to increase the Pokémon GO fanbase. Game developer Niantic is expected to do something radical which is rumored to roll out on the second generation of Pokémon GO. At the core, "Generation 2" is set to represent a new ecosystem of Pokémon creatures to work with. The new Pokémon is said to be made up of the Johto region monsters located in Pokémon Gold and Silver which is the second line of Pokémon games that was revealed back in '99, The Verge reported.  

Pokemon Go New Creatures

The inclusion of Pokemon Go new creatures have already been confirmed by Niantic CEO John Hanke. Among them are Pokémon trading and trainer battles. However, there would be region-locked Pokémon available only in certain parts of the world such as Miltank who is speculated to appear only in North America and Heracross only in Asia, Parent Herald reported. Furthermore, breeding and baby eggs are slated to enter Pokémon GO as well.

Meanwhile, the new update in Pokémon GO is rumored to have improved the capture rate significantly. The new system works in a way that once a certain number of Pokémon creatures have been caught, a buff to the capture rate can be seen. Additionally, at the bronze tier, a +1 catch bonus will be added for that certain type of creature.

Pokemon Go Catch Bonus

The Pokémon GO catch bonus is yet to be made clear. Speculation have been taken from the Italian version of the game that the catch bonus is 3 percent. However, it is said to differ per region. Combining the catch bonuses acquired especially for the low-capture Pokémon, it is said to make the creatures easier to catch. WatchGot eggs? Watch WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU EVOLVE AFTER NEW UPDATE? POKEMON GO NEW UPDATE NEWS!

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