Pokemon GO Map Update: Geo-Locked Map Coming Soon? San Francisco To Have It First

A Pokemon GO tracking feature has been expected by gaming enthusiasts after the game developer Niantic previously disabled the game's initial Pokemon tracker after glitches have been discovered. It is said that a new type of tracking feature is already being tested in San Francisco. Furthermore, Niantic also disabled third-party mapping sites that have been slowing down their API system.

Pokemon Go Tracking System

The tracking feature proved to be very important for avid gamers as the game is centered on catching Pokemon creatures. When the original tracking feature proved to be glitchy, Niantic quickly responded by removing the feature. Since then a new tracking feature has been released but was geo-locked to San Francisco only. However, as of this writing, Niantic still has no plans to bring out the feature beyond the bay, Polygon reported.

A Reddit user noted that releasing the tracking feature during the winter would not be a good idea as it would be too cold to wander around aimlessly in search of a Pokemon creature. Moreover, Pokemon GO gamers are allegedly threatening to boycott the game if an in-game map would not be released soon. In the meantime, some players allegedly came together to create their own maps such as FastPokeMap or PokeVision  which Niantic was quick to remove.

Pokemon Go Updates

In other news, Pokemon GO gets new updates 1.11.4 and 0.41.4 on Oct. 14 on iOS and Android devices. Niantic has not announced what the updates would be changing but the changelog revealed that minor fixes have been put in place. However, reports have claimed that the game still had several bugs, Heavy reported.

Pokemon GO is expected to improve from the glitches and the absence of the tracking feature soon. Apparently, some Pokemon trainers reported being unable to open the game. On the other hand, the latest update allegedly added new features including the ability to take six Pokemon into the gym simultaneously as well as the capture bonus feature. Watch video about NEW TRACKING SYSTEM IN POKEMON GO! (San Francisco Gameplay)

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